Live Shopping Case Study

Generating Revenue and Conversation with Live Streaming

I'm not a marketer or social media manager but often times I find myself being asked to make work that looks cool yet lacks impact, success criteria, and surrounding content to keep the conversation going.

In the best case scenario, brand, marketing, social and creative  are all on the same page but that is not always reality. Either way, the job needs to get done. Here's a process that can be referenced as a creative to mitigate these pitfalls:

-Understand the ask, and then fill in the gaps
-Propose goals to give structure to the work we create. You can use experiential platforms to both showcase your brand and collect metrics to measure performance. Having a framework to measure growth is the key here - not so much setting a goal to grow any particular metric by x%. The goal can be as simple as having a content calendar with assets designed to promote, entertain, educate, or simply - make people feel good.

Here's an example of a live shopping experience conducted with Hanifa for a recent collection launch. In total, I've directed six live shopping experiences with them grossing over $500K in sales. Beyond sales, the streams allow us to strategically build community via something for people to look forward to and chat with each other/the brand - and to obtain insight into how customers engage with the brand for future content creation.